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District Cooling Pricing

Pricing Structure

The following fees will be applied to both the owner and the tenant. The rates listed below are subject to change; thus, please contact our support team for the most up-to-date charges. The agreed-upon charges will be reflected in the contract.

Charge Type Charge Rate Note
Consumption Rate AED 0.62/TRH Monthly charge for the Ton Hours (TRH) consumed by the customer, measured by meter
Capacity Charge AED 750/TR/year Distributed over the year and billed monthly
Security Deposit (Residential) Studio = AED 1,000/- Refundable deposit
1 BDR = AED 1,500/-
2 BDR = AED 2,000/-
3 BDR = AED 3,000/-
Connection Charge per TR AED 1,500/- Paid by the first landlord
Connection Charge Fixed AED 250/- Paid by the customer / tenant
Meter charge / Month AED 25/- Paid by the Customer monthly
Design and construction NOCs AED 2,000/- Paid by building owner during design and construction

Commercial rates vary from one customer to the other. Please contact for commercial rate inquiries and further information.