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District Cooling

South Energy is the sole provider for district cooling in Dubai South, with an installed capacity of 120,000 TR and a potential of 1.2 million TR. South Energy places great emphasis on advanced design, innovative technologies and energy-efficient operations.

A few facts about our district cooling plants

South Energy is a district cooling provider that owns and operates four permanent district cooling facilities – CUC2, LC2, RC1 and RC2 – supplying chilled water to all Dubai South districts.

District Cooling

We guarantee

Improved Efficiency for lifetime

Reliability in the excess of 99.9%

Reduced capital & operational cost

Reduced noise level

Better quality of cooling

Better Environment



More privacy and security
Improved building aesthetics
Reduced heat island effect
Noise reduction
Reduced environmental impact and pollution
Reduced refrigerant leakage

OperationalCost Reduction

Cost of energy use
Cost of operational staff
Cost of outages and interrupted service
Cost of Maintenance
Cost of monitoring and control

CapitalCost Reduction

Cost of Chillers
Cost of land
Cost of electrical infrastructure
Cost of structural support and foundation
Cost of utilities connection fees