construction bookeeping

And it’ll also help you develop better-priced contracts in the future. Installment – In this bookkeeping method, revenue is recorded only when a client has made a payment. It is best for projects that are paid over time, in installments. Regardless of the option you choose for your bookkeeping needs, it is useful to understand the process involved in construction bookkeeping. Construction also works on long and seasonal production cycles. Alternatively, you can take advantage of a dedicated bookkeeping software solution to manage your bookkeeping more easily.

construction bookeeping

Use another account exclusively for payroll, and yet another to build a cash reserve. It’s also worthwhile to have an account designated for paying taxes. Owners of small construction companies like you are the men and women who keep everything moving in the right direction. When the economy changes, you quickly adapt because you are a survivor, not a large giant behemoth dinosaur unable to respond promptly and dies in its tracks. In addition to being the most expensive project cost, labor ranked as the hardest to estimate (38%), followed by 37% saying the length of the project is hardest to accurately estimate. Only around 60% of respondents have a high degree of confidence in their project costs.


Ease of use is a primary goal of Sage 100 Contractor as small business owners do not have an abundance of free time to master a complicated software package. The application is a menu-driven application allowing a user to easily navigate, especially if the user has had only rudimentary computer experience. Sage also provides in-person training at a cost for larger companies and online support to assist if needed. This isn’t just for audits; errors happen, typos happen and things can get lost. Paper invoices and receipts can be filed or scanned; online paperwork can be screenshotted and saved. Use calendars to track the billing and invoicing cycles so that neither are overlooked. This can be automated with most modern accounting software suites, but even a paper calendar will help.

construction bookeeping

Add cost rates by employee or sync seamlessly with QuickBooks Payroll. Automate entry of bills, receipts, bank statements, sales invoices and more. Scan, snap or email document copy, AutoEntry extracts data, in your box for approval into QuickBooks. Compare to other software See how we compare with other financial solutions. For more information about your training options, please get in touch with our customer response team directly by phone, email or online chat. A free trial version is not available, but interested parties can schedule a guided demo.

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Live training lets you interact directly with our skilled faculty. Many courses qualify for continuing education credits with professional bookkeeping and accounting associations. Check out our calendar to browse upcoming events, or sign up for our mailing list for regular updates. Additional features available in CoConstruct include proposal generation and both email and text communication functions. These features combined remove much of the overhead generated by keeping the customer informed of project costs or schedule changes. With the steps in this guide, you have everything you need to do accounting for your construction company the right way.

construction bookeeping

Labor – Calculate how much you’ll need to pay your workers by multiplying their daily rate with the estimated number of days needed to complete the project. Make sure you account for taxes, worker’s compensation, and overtime. If you manage many projects at once, strong retainage management is essential. It will ensure you have capital in the event that a customer withholds money owed. The decentralized nature of the industry makes construction bookkeeping so unique.

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And yet, over half (54%) track project costs without software, which could play a role in a business’ overall confidence in their estimates. We offer continuing education live webinars, seminars, OnDemand and other bookkeeping training for construction industry professionals. Potential customers must contact CMiC Global for pricing information, which suggests that it may be cost-prohibitive for smaller construction companies. In addition, CMiC currently does not provide a trial or free version of the software.

Large firms managing massive projects will find the Financial Management, Project Management, and Time and Billing features of the PENTA package invaluable. The PENTA Financial Management module provides elaborate financial reports based on a distinctive Organizational Unit Structure. The Organizational Unit Structure integrated into PENTA is key to the financial management of multiple large-scale jobs.

Tip 9: Backup your records

One extreme saves everything for decades, and the other tosses everything out. The pressures of running a construction company are tremendous. Incoming money is usually unknown, but expenses and bills are due now. December 2018 survey of 666 construction business owners and finance managers (age 18+) throughout the U.S. 60% of respondents were small business owners, and the remaining 40% were accountants, bookkeepers, or finance managers/directors.

  • Onsite implementation or cloud-based, AccuBuild requires a substantial monthly subscription fee per user.
  • Keeping good records helps protect against theft and embezzlement from within the company, because every dollar can be tracked back to a transaction.
  • It essentially ensures that your service price covers all overhead expenses while ensuring that a profit is made.
  • Not only will this help you prepare for tax time, but it provides an accurate accounting of profitability for each contract.
  • For construction companies, things pick up an added layer of complication; construction jobs usually involve contractors, rental equipment, lots of overtime and the occasional job hiccup.

Businesses have different bookkeeping needs which vary based on industry, company size, federal and state regulations, as well as a number of other factors. Most existing bookkeeping solutions automate one or more aspects of bookkeeping.

Users can connect a single bank account to the Starter Plan, allowing easy tracking of project expenditures and accounts receivable. Plus, there are Sophisticated and Accountant versions with even more functionality. Whether a company deploys PENTA on-premises in the bookkeeping for construction company company data center or opts for the cloud-based solution, users will find the application robust, and it may seem daunting to use initially. However, customers familiar with the construction industry’s processes and challenges will soon find PENTA intuitive to use.

The Payroll module is functional for projects and companies of all sizes. Project accountants can avoid double entry by integrating the Payroll modules with other software packages, but it is not required. Managing inventory and assets is also vital to ensuring project profitability, and CMiC provides a series of tools to track all physical assets from hammers to back-hoes. Construction managers can also transfer assets from one project to another through the asset management module. CMiC provides critical functions for every step of a project—it’s truly an all-in-one option. Accounting personnel will enjoy CMiC’s comprehensive general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, and budgeting features.